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52 Ways To Lose A Pound A Week: 37-40

52 Ways To Lose A Pound A Week: 37-40

37. Postpone an indulgence. When she sees a favorite food—like the steak fries her cafeteria serves at work—Verona Mucci-Hurlburt engages in a postponement strategy that’s helped her lose 60 pounds in 9 months. Instead of forbidding certain foods, she simply delays her indulgences. For example: “The cafeteria served the steak fries every 2 weeks. Instead of saying I couldn’t have them, I’d tell myself ‘Wait until next time.’ Two weeks later, I’d ask myself if I still wanted them. Sometimes I did. Other times I could pass them up.”

38. Grab a magazine. When the fridge calls Cynthia Herrmann, 48, she picks up a magazine or newspaper. “If I still feel hungry after reading for 15 minutes, I eat. But I often get so absorbed that 30 minutes fly by, and the craving’s gone,” she says. Pounds lost: 90.

39. Follow the beat. Bingeing was Mark Maron’s way to deal with a work crisis, a fight with a loved one, or anything else that made him feel bad. One day, Mark, 36, decided to skip his usual fast-food place and head for the music store. “I picked out two CDs, including one featuring my favorite song, ‘Born to Be Alive,’” he recalls. He got so pumped up that he forgot about food and headed for the gym. That habit eventually erased 25 pounds.[pagebreak]

Talk Yourself Thin
40. Carry a pen. “I was tired of compliments that stopped at my face,” says Juanita Dillard, a 37-year-old makeup artist who weighed 274 pounds. “I was constantly surrounded by thin, gorgeous models, and I wanted to be like them.”

Juanita started writing about her stress instead of feeding it. Within a year and a half, she dropped from a size 24 to a size 6. One time, halfway through a binge brought on by the stress of losing her pet, Juanita reached into her purse and felt her journal. Out it came, and she started writing. After putting her feelings down on paper, her desire to eat was gone. “Journalizing has become my no-cal stress buster,” she says.

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